Should I buy a home for my student daughter?

Should I buy a home for my student daughter?

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How to Help Your Son or Daughter Buy a House.. It is known that buying your first home down under can be more affordable, which is why some people are checking out New Sensation Homes with a keen interest. Still, it would be nice. Given current market conditions, a compelling argument could.

Mom wants to give me a house. How should she do it?. My mother is planning to buy a home for me but she isn’t sure of the best way to do this:. (her adult daughter). Just buy it as a gift.

The cons of buying your college student a home. For starters, buying a property for just four to six years isn’t much time to see a big return on an investment. And it’s risky if there’s another.

Before deciding to buy a home for your student, crunch the numbers to make sure the investment makes sense. Even if buying a home is more costly than you expected, you might decide to go through with the purchase anyway so your child has a nicer place to live with more amenities.

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I did this. Fortunately, I had three of my four kids go to the same state school. All will graduate with no debt. I ended up buying four homes – the boys only lived in one of them. One thing I learned: you should buy properties that appeal to families and not just students – your pool of buyers will be larger.

Paying off your kid’s student loan is a nice thing to do. Keep in mind that Uncle Sam considers that a gift.. Home buying guide ;. My daughter has $145,000 in student loan debt. We have some.

finally decided to buy a place for herself and her 4-year-old daughter. But she had a non-negotiable rule: One of her biweekly paychecks had to cover all her fixed monthly bills, including mortgage,

My daughter just finished med school, should she buy a home? My daughter just graduated from Medical School and starts her Residency in Chicago. She is considering renting a place there. She will be paid $45,000 in her first year and the pay incresses thereafter. She has a student loan of about $.

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