Five year products are the most popular for owners remortgaging – PropertyWire

Five year products are the most popular for owners remortgaging – PropertyWire

She became a "woman on a mission", quitting in the final stages of a three-year garden design course, and remortgaging. seven products in the initial range – including chicken and turkey casserole.

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Five year fixed-rate mortgages have become more popular due to a combination of greater competition in the market and economic uncertainty. Two year deals remain the most common, but require buyers to be proactive in switching their mortgage before the end of their fixed term.

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A breakdown of the figures shows that five year fixed rate remortgages continue to be the most popular type of product when refinancing, with 42% of borrowers choosing these deals in May, up from 34% in the same month in 2017. However demand for five year fixes has declined from April, when these deals made up 47% of the market.

5 top tips for remortgaging your property. According to the MoneyFacts website*, 2016 was the best year for remortgaging since 2009. The figures show that the total value of remortgage lending reached 65.7 billion in 2016, an increase of 11.5 billion (or 21%) from 2015.

Most buy to let mortgages from lenders require a deposit of at least 25%, making the maximum LTV much lower at 75%. Another key difference between buy to let mortgages and residential mortgages is that most normal mortgages require you to pay off some of the capital and some interest on a monthly basis.

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Some 89%of home owners who knew their exact interest. with fixed rate deals now making up 77% of the products on the market. Seeking independent mortgage advice is crucial to finding the best deal.

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According to the latest data released by Moneyfacts, average five-year fixed buy-to-let rates are now at a record low of 3.40% after falling from 3.55% in April. The data suggests that a turbulent market and fierce competition in the sector are the most likely cause for the drop.

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