The Industry Pulse: Updates on Ellie Mae, Optimal Blue, and More

The Industry Pulse: Updates on Ellie Mae, Optimal Blue, and More

Ellie Mae is the leading cloud-based platform provider for the mortgage finance industry. Our technology solutions enable lenders to originate more loans, reduce origination costs, and shorten the time to close, all while ensuring the highest levels of compliance, quality and efficiency.

We are finally opening! We got the go-ahead with the City of Cumming last week and obtained our business license. So we are excited to start offering services at Pure Fitness and Health in Cumming (part of the Yoga Selah community – in the wellness studio next door) beginning April 1st.

Fed Chair Powell’s Plan To Pickle The Economy Fed Chair Powell’s Plan To Pickle The Economy.. the stock market generally maintains a loose connection to the underlying economy. Over long multi-decade periods, as measured by the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio, it will undulate between stages when it is cheap and stages when it is dear.

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The Industry Pulse: Updates on Ellie Mae, Optimal Blue, and More. in. VP of Resitrader by Optimal Blue. "More than half of our clients have already transitioned to the integrated platform and.

CEOs of public companies typically have more stakeholders to answer to. Jonathan Corr (Group Q200), President & CEO of Ellie Mae, a mortgage management technology provider, counts shareholders, the company’s public board, industry analysts and other institutions among those holding him responsible for the company’s performance. “When I.

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This week’s Mortgage Tech Rundown focuses on the latest product and software developments, integrations and more from companies like First Guaranty Mortgage, Global DMS, Qualia and more.

As home price growth slows, inventory dwindles and residential sales decline, it’s clear the housing market has entered a slowdown. And although several reports indicate an oncoming rebound this.

Like many parts of the mortgage industry, the servicing business is undergoing some. in a low delinquency environment that feels relatively stable. However, today’s blue skies can become tomorrow’s.

A combination of lower rates and more Millennial homebuyers has resulted in a refinance closing rate that took six days longer from April. Homeowners are taking on fewer house projects, but they’re spending more | 2019-07-17

Reserve Bank cuts interest rates to historic low of 1.25 per cent Last month, the Reserve Bank of Australia cut the official interest rate to a historic low of 1.25 per cent. After a month of speculation, at their July meeting they have decided to cut rates again to 1% to a new record low. However, while a record low, the decision was not a surprise. Here’s what the experts have to say:

of Mortgage Insurance Requests and Rate Quote transactions via Ellie Mae’s Encompass Loan Origination System (LOS) – v3.0 and above Submit MI orders and request Rate Quotes without the need to leave Encompass Receive data responses to both orders and rate quotes, and view/save MI Commitments and Certificates in PDF format! Let’s get started.

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