Scotland is on the front line in the fight against “cash deserts”

Scotland is on the front line in the fight against “cash deserts”

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Quartz this week reported in Scotland is on the front line in the fight against "cash deserts" on an active battleground in the ongoing war on cash: the increase in the UK of ‘cash deserts ‘ – areas that banks have decided not to serve, so that those who need cash, and wish to withdraw it.

Scotland Is on the Front Line in the Fight Against "cash deserts" By George Peabody on May 31 2019. in; Banks; Cash "Communities like the villagers of Castlebay have been rising up in protest all over the UK to oppose the waves of bank branch closures and spread of so-called cash deserts..

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Scotland is on the front line in the fight against "cash deserts" In banks’ eagerness to embrace more profitable digital alternatives, they are scrapping branches and ATMs faster than society is ready for.

Scotland is on the front line in the fight against "cash deserts". The accusations against Iran come only weeks after US mine-laying ships and divers ran drills in the same area that the alleged sabotage incidents took place.. New Website Credder Aims to fight fake news, Promote Real.

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