Londoners cash in for a very big house in the country

Londoners cash in for a very big house in the country

While Londoners bought almost half of all UK country homes priced at more than 1m before the financial crisis, that figure has dropped to 16 per cent, according to research by estate agents.

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Today, I’m welcoming a special guest, author Kathy Servian, writing as KA Servian, who has her own "very big house in the country". Just like the lyrics to the Blur song, Country House, we lived in the city and about ten years ago, after watching too many episodes of Escape to the Country, decided that a rural idyll was for us.

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Londoners want a country house to live the rural dream. It seems that townies who once thought they would never swap urban life for a place in the country are now dreaming of a rural pile – but getting their hands on that idyllic estate may not be easy. Lindsay Cuthill, the head of the country house department at Savills,

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Londoners cash in for a very big house in the country. Huge numbers of city dwellers are selling up and moving out to profit from sky-high prices

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The house itself is spacious and well-proportioned, with three main reception rooms, a country kitchen and an orangery/breakfast room on the ground floor. The first floor houses the master suite, three bedrooms, a bathroom and a study; the second floor, which can be closed off if not in use, provides a guest bedroom with an en-suite bathroom.

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