Iran’s Khamenei Searching For His Successor

Iran’s Khamenei Searching For His Successor

 · Iran’s Supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei said on Tuesday that Tehran would not be "deceived" by U.S. President Donald Trump’s offer of negotiations and would not give up its missile program. Iran and the United States have been drawn into starker confrontation in the past month, a

 · By Reza Haqiqatnezhad June 6, 2019 On June 4, 1988, in a highly dubious situation, Khamenei was appointed as the absolute strongman of the nine-year-old clergy-dominated islamic republic of Iran. During a closed session of the body in charge of picking the successor to the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Assembly of [.]

Iran’s Elections: A Breaking Crisis?. who is also considered one of Khamenei’s options as his successor. Khamenei has yet to reach a final decision over Reisi’s candidacy in the May.

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That morning, sitting in a small hall with whitewashed walls, an animated Khamenei had something particular in mind: he wanted to speak about his successor. The assembly, established in 1983 and made up of 88 senior Shia clerics, was created with two key functions in mind: to oversee the leader’s performance and to choose his successor.

Furthermore, Khamenei hailed Iranian youth as the leading players working toward a brighter future for the country, saying they can "make a huge difference in Iran’s governing system" and foil the enemy’s soft conspiracies.. iran’s Khamenei Searching For His successor 2 iran-linked bomb Case.

On March 8, images showing Iran’s. no indication that Khamenei suffers from any imminent or chronic medical challenges, growing domestic and international speculation over his health is indicative.

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After his demise, this scenario could soon be repeated with Raisi. In summary: Ebrahim Raisi has risen in recent days to the head of the Iranian judiciary and vice-chairman of the Guardian Council. The career leaps are an indication that revolutionary leader Ali Khamenei has chosen the 58-year-old as his potential successor.

TEHRAN: Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (left. and arrogance’ Rouhani has two years until his term ends, but if he is seen by Iranians as responsible for their problems, his successor.

Therefore, the situation is totally different now in Iran. Khamenei is not Khomeini. It is uncertain that if he names his successor in his will, as Khomeini did, the state’s powerful will pay heed to it or not. The IRGC’s power has also increased over the past years. It has a bigger clout and say over the country’s affairs.

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