Head of Mexico’s Central Bank Operations Is Leaving for BIS

Head of Mexico’s Central Bank Operations Is Leaving for BIS

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SCOOP: Jaime Cortina, head of operations and payments systems for @Banxico, is leaving for the BIS, where he’ll be reunited with former boss agustin carstens, sources tell me. Cortina is one of the most important people in the day-to-day work of the central bank On @TheTerminal

Finance ministers and central bankers will. a former Federal Reserve Bank of New York researcher. A faster-growing U.S. still would be favored internationally over a renewed slowdown, said John.

The Bank of Mexico (Spanish: Banco de Mxico), abbreviated BdeM or Banxico, is Mexico’s central bank, monetary authority and lender of last resort.The Bank of Mexico is autonomous in exercising its functions, and its main objective is to achieve stability in the purchasing power of the national currency.

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Banco de Mxico’s webpage. The main objective of Banco de Mxico is to maintain a low and stable inflation.

flashed an image of a map of Central America onto one of the display screens in the ministry’s crisis planning center. Arced red lines on the map marked the flight trajectories of cocaine-ferrying.

With William Dudley officially on his way out at the New York Fed, what’s it mean for the central bank? Reuters’s Jonathan spicer. whatsoever wrong with it.’" – NAFTA talks head south. Reuters:.

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Never mind inflation at more than an eight-year high. Banco de Mexico Governor Agustin Carstens is proud of his accomplishments at the helm of the central bank as he.

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