Developer Bob Morgan and 3 others charged in multimillion dollar fraud scheme

Developer Bob Morgan and 3 others charged in multimillion dollar fraud scheme

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Rochester developer Bob Morgan has been indicted in a multi-million dollar fraud case. Morgan was indicted on 45 counts that included wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire & bank fraud. He pleaded not guilty to all counts and posted 100,000 bond.

Bob Morgan’s son and nephew among 4 accused of multimillion dollar fraud scheme Kevin and Todd Morgan of Morgan Communities are accused of trying to. Mobile Menu – Top menu top menu. home. Page Templates. Blog. Timeline. Tags. Sitemap.

Four men, including two employees of developer Bob Morgan, have been indicted by a federal grand jury. Kevin Morgan, Robert Morgan’s nephew, and Todd Morgan, Robert Morgan’s son, as well as Frank Giaccobe and Patrick Ogiony are facing a number of charges including conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud.

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WHEC) — A second man has pleaded guilty in connection to a multi-million dollar mortgage fraud case Friday. Patrick Ogiony, 35, of Buffalo was one of four people arrested and.

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